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Hey CreativeMornings! What do you include in your email signature? And why?

Recently we introduced Hey CreativeMornings!, our new experiment for swapping recommendations and know-how with you, our community. Every other week we’ll share a question in our Weekly Highlights newsletter and here on the CreativeMornings blog, and we’ll invite you to email us with your answer. Our CreativeMornings HQ team will comb through your responses, looking for patterns and pearls of wisdom, which we’ll compile and share back in the form of a blog post.

Our first question was all about your go-to books to re-read and give as gifts. To recap your outpouring of responses, we shared a compilation of your favorite books on our blog and created a collection for you to peruse each submission. (If you missed the window to email us with your book picks, it’s not too late to share! Simply chime into the conversation in the comments of the recap post.)

This week’s question

This week we’re talking all about email signatures. By “email signature” we mean the words or graphics that you include after you sign your name to an email. We don’t mean a sign-off like “best wishes” or “yours truly” (though we do sincerely and truly wish you the best).

Maybe your email signature highlights something particular about the work that you do or who you are as an individual. Maybe it includes a link to a talk you’ve given or your pet’s Instagram account. Maybe your email signature includes a quote, an image, or a GIF. Maybe you use a special font, color, or other personalizing elements.

In other words: What is the anatomy of your email signature? How did you land on it? What does it mean to you? Do you tweak it often? We want to hear it all!

How to participate

To share your answer, simply paste this week’s question into the subject line, write your answer in the body of the email and send it to You can go ahead and email us now! The cut-off date for submissions is Monday, February 22, 2021.

We may select your answer to feature in our recap post. If you’d like, feel free to include a screenshot of your email signature and the link to your CreativeMornings profile in your answer. (This isn’t required, but we’re happy to include the link if we do highlight your answer in our recap.)

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A big thank you to HEY email!

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