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Introducing Hey CreativeMornings!

The world is glimmering with treasures buried in podcasts and tweets, essays and interviews, hearts and minds. But uncovering these nuggets isn’t always a simple task. Keeping up with all the knowledge and recommendations you want to remember can feel overwhelming, like trying to herd all the fish in the sea. How often have you remembered just the faintest fragment of a fun fact and wished you bookmarked its source? Or finished the last page of an incredible book and found yourself pining for a personal recommendation for your next read? If you’re anything like us, it happens all the time.

Meaningful connection and discovery can be hard to cultivate on infinite feeds.

But we believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

Hey CreativeMornings! is a new experiment we’re launching to swap recommendations and know-how with you, our people. We want to hear from you directly and tap into our collective hive mind, away from the feeds and the noise.

How It Works

Every other week, we’ll post a simple question in our Weekly Highlights newsletter and on our channels. We’ll invite you to share your thoughts and stories and tips. The questions will range from recommendations to advice to random facts about yourself.

What are your favorite recipes? Which podcasts do you rave about to friends? Is there anything you learned recently that changed your life? Do you do a double-take when you’re walking past a pup on the street? Cats or dogs? Who is inspiring you right now?

We want it to feel exciting and human, a way for you to directly communicate with us. In pen pal fashion, a real person on our team will respond to you directly by email. CreativeMornings has grown to be the world’s largest face-to-face creative community, and we see Hey CreativeMornings! as an opportunity for us to shorten the distance between us, with warmth, friendly points of connection.

We’ll be collecting responses and sharing interesting recommendations and findings in a recap blog post, here on the CreativeMornings blog, every other week.

How to Participate

Subscribe to our Weekly Highlights newsletter to receive the questions straight into your inbox each week. You’re also welcome to answer the prompts on our Twitter or Instagram posts.

The questions will look something like this — our very first question for you:


To share a response, simply write your answer in an email, put the week’s question in the subject line, and send it to You can go ahead and email us now!

Why We’re Doing This

The purpose and mission at CreativeMornings has remained constant: We exist to empower people and encourage them to harness the power of creativity and community to do good in the world. (The CreativeMornings manifesto is a commitment to this work.)

Our hope is that this new line of communication will become an inspirational and informative watering hole, where the CreativeMornings community can learn from and with each other.

We’re excited to hear your stories, suggestions, and advice. Our goal is to gather as many snippets of joy and meaningful reflection as we can. Who knows what fun conversations will come out of it!

A big thank you to HEY email!

We use HEY email to have conversations with you. Why? HEY’s fresh approach transforms email into something you want to use, not something you’re forced to deal with. Built by the people behind Basecamp.

Ela tea viennajan2015

Excited for this too! Tried to add my book to comments section of the Answer page with the list of books but there wasn't a space for adding comments.

Anyway, the book I re-read and gift over and over again is Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. Yes, it's a children's book but it still a great read for adults. So many life lessons and also beautiful, simple descriptions of farms and farm life. I loved this book when I first discovered it at 7 years old and I still love it. I re-read it every year on New Year's Day.

Ela Aktay