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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Preserve

This month‘s theme is Preserve, which is an interesting theme in regards to creativity. At first thought it almost seems at odds with the fundamental ideas of innovation, change, and rebellion often associated with creative arts and artistic expression. But preserve can also mean safeguarding, protecting or defending the good in things. Art and music have much to protect.

Photography in particularly, is an interesting art form in relation to preservation. Photography, is inherently incomplete and inaccurate, as it’s an attempt to preserve a moment in a static image. While pleasing in it’s own right, photos are always abstractions, mere representations of the moment, sort of like short-hand notes, a cue to provoke a memory, but while the visual can be persevered, the sound, the smells, and the feelings of the moment warp with time. It’s a record, but a distant sketch of what was.

Recorded music, like photography, attempts to preserve the past. It’s an auditory snap shot of sound, a record of sound waves imprinted on magnetic tape or stored as 1s and 0s on a hard drive. These captured sound vibrations are then reproduced through amplified electrical signals that activate a speaker cone to generate those same vibrations in the form of audible sound. Like photography, sound can never be fully preserved, it is a semblance of the original physical wave forms. Much as we try, there just has to be some spoiling along the way.

Not to say our attempts to preserve are fruitless. What we gain is worth the investment, but perfection is unachievable. Nothing lasts forever, but we can try to make it last as long as possible.

Preserved in this playlist are a selection of tracks that will stay fresh and have no expiration. From FKA Twigs emotional new track “Cellophane”, to 1980s era Alphaville with their slow-dance classic “Forever Young”. So plug in your ear-buds, crack the seal and enjoy.

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