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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Justice

…with liberty and justice for all, a noble and ambitious sentiment but far from the reality for many. It is a journey. Despite all of the significant injustices, it’s important to remember that we are living in one the most equitable times in human history, at least in aggregate. That’s not to say substantial progress isn’t still needed, it absolutely is. Especially when we see such inequity in the application of justice for those with power and resources and those without. Not everyone gets the justice they deserve. The benefits of progress are not equally shared. Nonetheless, it is healthy to acknowledge the progress made, if for no other reason than to keep the optimism alive. Despite how it may feel, we’re doing great and we can be better.

Tit for Tat, Justice is the theme for the playlist this month. The songs include motifs of fairness, equality, repercussions, reparation and even revenge. From “The Payback” to “Equal Rights” to “Dead End Justice”, you’re gonna get what you deserve. Tune-in, turn up and let’s see if I can do the theme justice with this song list.

The theme was selected by our friends from the Bratislava chapter. I have included a few select artists from the The Slovakian capital, including the 60’s era beat-beat pioneers, The Beatmen, one of the earliest bands from behind the iron curtain to play western Europe. Their 1966 concert in Munich gained them international attention and acclaim. I also included two more contemporary Bratislavian bands, Le Payaco and Zive Kvety. Both are fantastic artists, but I’m particularly digging Zive Kvety’s 2016 album Nové Poschodia.

This month the selections also happened to be comprised of a number of bad-ass women. It wasn’t by design, it just shook out that way, but I’m pretty stoked about it all the same. The roster includes, Fionna Apple, Aretha Franklin, Angelica Garcia, Dolly Parton, Death Valley Girls, Nina Simone, Leikeli47, Lilly Allen, Amyl and the Sniffers, and Kate Tempest Just to name a few. Whoa man, what a squad.

Thanks for listening and if you dig these playlists, please follow me on Spotify and give me a shout on Twitter, I would love to hear from you.

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