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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Invest

Invest is the theme this month, it was selected by our friends from the Hong Kong chapter. “Invest” makes me think of the time, energy, and attention we put into our creative endeavors, with the hope that our expenditure will payoff in the form of great art. But like any investment, it’s a gamble. The return isn’t always what we expect, sometimes the effort doesn’t payoff in the form of an artistic masterpiece, often the payoff is less tangible, a lesson learned, experience gained, or knowledge had. Determining profit can sometimes simply be a matter of perspective or framing.

This month’s regional research definitely paid off. Hong Kong has a vibrant and diverse musical scene. I have a lot of deeper listening to do, so included is only a small subset of the delightful Hong Kong based artists I reviewed. Enjoy the jangly upbeat charm of the one woman band, The Pancakes. Or melt away in the dreamy atmospheric indie pop of Thud. For something on the jazzier side, bob your head to Blood Wine or Honey’s danceable track, “Tomorrow”. And I’m really intrigued by the band, My Little Airport, a Hong Kong based duo, with a deep discography stretching back to 2004. I’m looking forward to investing some time in the back catalogue of the Hong Kong based duo.

Invest your time with me my fellow listeners and you will reap musical dividends. This playlist pays off with tales of sacrifice, deferred rewards, equitable ventures and opportunities galore. I promise a solid ROI. From the godfather of soul’s “Payback”, to EARTHGANG’sSacrifices”, to Rosalía’s commitment ballad “Juro Que”, to The Staple Singers demand for payment, “When Will We Be Paid”, here you have a wealth of music to explore. You can take that to the bank.

Thanks for listening and if you enjoy these playlists, please follow me on Spotify and give me a shout on Twitter. See you next month.

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