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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Community

Let’s get together, this months theme is community. Artists are often portrayed as lone wolves, rouge geniuses, or solitary creators, but in reality, most artists belong to a community, or “scene” or what we label retrospectively as a movement.

From the mid 19th century impressionists to the beat generation of the 60’s, to the 1970’s punk scene, a community is about the co-mingling of like-minded personalities and intense incubation of ideas around some unifying set of values. It is within these concentrated groups that unique art is often forged.

Communities have the power to create their own rules outside of the restrictive confines of societal norms. However, it is somewhat of a paradox, that the most creative communities are also often isolated, even rejected by the larger society, I guess you could say they are alone together.

The theme this month was selected by the Philadelphia chapter. How appropriate from the city of brotherly love. I probably could have easily composed the playlist exclusively with Philly artists, however, to be fair to the larger community, I included only a sampling. The playlists contains a number of artists from the Birthplace of America, including the Philly soul greats Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, hip hop’s royal family The Roots, as well as contemporary indie rockers, Hop Along and War on Drugs, just to name a few. Philadelphia has always been a hotbed of musical creativity and community. From the world-famous Philadelphia Orchestra to Meek Mill, Philly has got it all.

This month’s playlist celebrates unity, camaraderie and above all else, community. From The Smiths and Surfbort, to Gucci Mane, Childish Gambino and Funkadelic. Unhook your headphones and listen together with your squad.

I hope you enjoy the selections. If you dig these playlists, please share them, and I always enjoy hearing from you on Twitter. See you next month with another playlist! Thanks for listening.

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