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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Anxiety

Wow, the first theme in 2018 is Anxiety. I was really hoping for a less stressful year, 2017 was a doozy. Although maybe it’s best we get it out of our system this month and then it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the year. A stress purge if you will.

Well, I have the perfect anxiety-filled playlist to help induce the stress. Be forewarned though, this playlist may cause unease. It’s high tension and likely to raise your blood pressure. Listen with caution and maybe a stiff drink or whatever helps to calm your nerves.

From Justice’s ominous “Stress”, to Girlpool’s ode to general anxiety about being alive with “Chinatown”, this playlist is filled with anxious anthems. Artists recount tales of paranoia, Gucci Mane is “Peepin out the Blinds”, Wendy Rene worries “What Will Tomorrow Bring” and Rockwell’s 1984 hit features a cameo from none other than Micheal Jackson, singing the paranoid hook, “Somebody’s Watching Me”. The playlist includes two songs about nervous breakdowns, one is the “first release” from west-coast punk pioneers, Black Flag, pre-Rollins, and the “other” from the classic rockabilly crooner, Eddie Cochran. The Bucharest chapter selected the theme this month. I included a few bands from the Romanian capital, including Fine, It’s Pink, with their ethereal pych-pop “Young Burns” and Sunset in the 12th House with an epic middle-eastern tinged anthem, “Desert’s Eschaton”. I closed out the playlist with one of the all-time best collaborations in music history, the Bowie/Mercury duet “Under Pressure”. Anxiety never sounded so good.

Well that’s it from me this month. Thanks for listening and if you like these playlists, please share them, say hello on Twitter and follow me on Spotify. See you next month!

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