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Auckland Morning People

The CreativeMornings/Auckland team is fast approaching the three year mark, something that wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support of an awesome bunch of people, who both make things happen and make the effort worthwhile.

We’re completely head over heels about these amazing individuals and think the world should get to know more about these bright sparks, too, so we’ve started to profile them in a weekly post over on the Auckland Blog.

From our speakers standing front and centre, to our lovely venue hosts, generous event partners, hard-working team of volunteers and our engaged community, we want to share a taste of the awesomeness we get to experience every month with you guys.

Meet Mallika, Lindsay, Kyra and Nat!

Meet Mallika

Meet Mallika, Part of the CreativeMornings/Auckland Team

Who are you? Mallika. One of the first questions anyone who’s remotely Indian will ask is what your name means (if they don’t already know) because in our culture we place a huge importance on this. So if you’re wondering, mine means ‘Empress’ and in South India it’s also a type of flower.

What do you do at CreativeMornings/Auckland? I’ve been part of the CreativeMornings/Auckland team since it first started, those many moons ago. Aside from helping out front of house and welcoming guests, I write (with my colleague Bree) our morning pre-coffee name-tag riddles. I think some of our best creations have been:

  • Your childhood in three words (for Childhood)
  • Bread is to Butter as Backwards is to….? (for Backwards)
    It’s always a huge pleasure to see the creative replies that people come up with!

What gets you up in the morning? Well I love my job at Designworks so getting up and heading to work is something I genuinely look forward to, but even more than that I suppose what gets me up is making it to training first thing in the morning–whether it’s rainy or cold or still dark outside, you’ll find me sweating it out at the gym as early as 6am. It helps me start the day in the right mood!

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself. I’ve grown up pretty much all over the world. I speak four point five languages. My father’s a diplomat and contrary to my accent–I’ve never lived in the States or Canada!

What’s your favourite thing about Auckland? Favourite thing about Auckland–well I have lots–this is incidentally the longest I’ve ever lived in one place so something must be right!–I do love how multicultural the city is and I’ve lived in heaps of cities (even an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean), so trust me when I say that sort of tolerance and diversity is really, really important!

Best breakfast you’ve ever had? Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, though I rarely deviate away from some form of cereal/oats/muesli. I’ve had some really good breakfasts and accompanying coffees at Mojo in Newmarket.

Best CreativeMornings/Auckland talk so far?

Favourite CreativeMornings talks from around the world? I’ll pick two:

  • Joost Bakker speaking on ‘Reuse’: One of those blow-you-away talks that makes you re-examine how you’re living your life and where you can make little changes to reduce your footprint. Also made me appreciate places like Scullery on K road a bit more).

  • Ji Lee on the importance of personal projects: I do heaps of personal projects–the talk reinforced my love and passion for them and hammered home the point that you should always see your crazy ideas through because you’ll never know what’ll come of it!

Favourite quote?

Richie Hardcore

Meet Lindsay

Meet Lindsay, regular CreativeMornings/Auckland Attendee

Who are you? I’m Lindsay Yee.

What gets you up in the morning? Working as a Graphic Designer, but currently the World Cup.

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself My first job was as a dancer, true story. Chinese Lion Dance to be exact, I was the head of course.

What is your favourite thing about Auckland? The city life at the moment.

Best breakfast you’ve ever had? Big family breakfasts with everyone around the table.

What was your first CreativeMornings/Auckland? Ah, was it Studio Magazine? Whatever the first one was.

Favourite CreativeMornings/Auckland so far? Deanna Yang or Patrick Reynolds

Favourite CreativeMornings talks from around the world? Have to say, I haven’t watched many, but I really liked Kelli Anderson’s one from NYC.

Favourite Quote?

Christiaan van Vuuren

Biggest misconception about my heritage: You probably think I’m someone else.

Meet Kyra

Meet Kyra Clarke, speaker at the May CreativeMornings/Auckland

Who are you? Kyra Clarke, Founder, Design Director of Threaded Magazine & Threaded Media Ltd/ Multiple-hat-wearer/ Work-a-holic/ New-Mum-to-be.

What gets you up in the morning? Fear of wasting hours stuck in Auckland western motorway system. I like to get in early, beat the rush and ringing phones!

But seriously, I feel really lucky—I do what I love, every single day. It isn’t a struggle to get up and go to work for me—as ‘work’ is enjoyable. Even when it is challenging and days are long. I see visual problem solving, communication and design as an intrinsic part of any creative person’s life. It’s not just something I ‘clock in’ from 9 to 5 to do.

When not at work I tend to over-commit with other creative outlets away from my screens. For example: painting, tattoo design, drawing, making, crafting and creating gifts and things for friends & family.

Explain Threaded in Five words or less. Exciting, Challenging, Fufilling, My All.

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself. I make up people, name them, assign them roles and then get annoyed at them for not doing their job. Yet, I am a very serious person generally.

What is your favourite thing about Auckland? Great coffee, markets, op-shops, cafes, galleries , creative going on’s, the west coast beaches.

Best breakfast you’ve ever had? Buttermilk orange scented pancakes with mixed berry compote, vanilla bean syrup, mascarpone and bacon at Fuze Cafe, Te Atatu.

Best piece of advice you’ve received? ‘Dare to Fail’, from Ian Wharton’s talk at Semi-Permanent, Auckland, May 03 2014.

Who would you love to hear speak? Tibor Kalman, Neville Brody, Audrey Kawasaki, Richard Branson.

Secret Superpower? Functioning on little to no sleep.

What truly makes a person free? Not being scared to try new things, take risks, make mistakes and learn something from them.

Meet Nat

Meet Nat Tozer from LOT23, our host for the May edition of CreativeMornings/Auckland

Who are you? Maker of art, Mother of dragons, Curator at LOT23.

What gets you up in the morning? After seemingly searching and striving for years to get my shit together, it feels like I might have just nailed it - doing what I love, and appreciating that fact. I’m passionate about connecting creative people, and producing creative events and experiences. I highly value collaboration and enquiry, and find it amusing that my own personal art form ironically involves a repetitive process alone in a studio! Perhaps art is pain after all??

Explain Lot 23 in Five words or less. Eat, Drink, Make, See, Love!

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself. I’m a recovering claustrophobic.

What is your favourite thing about Auckland? I’m really proud of the waterfront/Britomart/viaduct transformation, it just feels so much more international, not to mention the Auckland Art Gallery and the increasing number of free public art events around the city.

Best breakfast you’ve ever had? Des Wilson’s Baked Baghdad eggs with fresh herbs and tomato Kasundi sauce—and a Brazil flat white of course! Hmmmm.

Best piece of advice you’ve received? What other people think of you is their business.

Who would you love to hear speak? I’d love to spend an afternoon with Frida Khalo. Frida has been described as: “…one of history’s grand divas…a tequila-slamming, dirty joke-telling smoker, bi-sexual that hobbled about her bohemian barrio in lavish indigenous dress and threw festive dinner parties for the likes of Leon Trotsky, poet Pablo Neruda, Nelson Rockefeller, and her on-again, off-again husband, muralist Diego Rivera.“ So… who else wants to come!

But seriously, she is celebrated for her uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form. I’d just love to hear some of her stories of love, life and art over a red wine or two.

Secret Superpower? I can actually listen.

What truly makes a person free? Becoming selfless.

You can meet all our amazing Auckland Morning People on our blog. And we’ll be updating it regularly, with a new morning person popping up to meet the world weekly. Chur!

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