Yuri Gordon

June 27, 8:30am - 10:00am MSK. Hosted at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

part of a series on Minimal

About the speaker

Yuri Gordon — Russian designer, illustrator, typographer, engraver. Yuri Gordon’s works are uncommonly versatile — he designs a variety of font types, lettering, calligraphy, font illustrations, visual poetry and personal art typography projects, develops software for working with text. Yuri Gordon is one of the founders of the Letterhead studio, which produces original Cyrillic fonts, he is also one of the initiative group members working on the graphic symbol for the Russian rouble. As well as author of the first study on the shape of the characters of the modern Russian alphabet — “Books about letters from Aa to Zz” (Moscow: Lebedev Studio, 2006).

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Additional details

Yuri Gordon, illustrator, designer, engraver, typographer will tell us how to achieve desired design results with micro means, how to work with the composition of a void and how limited technical possibilities become the reason for creation of font-legends.