“YOLO? (You Only Live Once?): An examination of the East and West’s attitudes toward Death” by Pablo Leroy Jenkonius

Hosted at BU Gallery

part of a series on Death

About the speaker

Pablo Leroy Jenkonius is a poet, musician, and businessman who serves as the Director and Emcee of Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy. For almost 5 years he has been in Bangkok carrying out Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy’s mission of building culture and community by producing theatre shows, poetry slams, and monthly open mic shows while steadfastly working as a marketing professional in the Aviation industry.

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Additional details

YOLO is a pop-culture reference made famous in a song by a rapper named Drake, it stands for “You only live once”. I thought it’d be a clever way to title this talk which will examine eastern and western philosophy in regard to death. One of the major departure points between both sides is the concept of reincarnation and whether one’s soul experiences multiple lives.