… as long as you accept our terms and Conditions. What happens when every product you buy, every service you consume, every movie you watch – is fully adaptive to your personal preferences?

What are the thrilling opportunities and potentially disastrous consequences of such future? And what are the implications for creators, designing such adaptive products, services and entertainment?

About the speaker

Yanay enjoys solving real-world (and totally hypothetical) big challenges. He helped world leading corporations innovate faster and drive team-performance to new levels. Before that, he focused on user experience, led product and design teams, and got his hands dirty with code. He founded isMassive, a consulting service that helps bold companies kick ass, and Lead10x.org – a community exploring new ways of working. He loves naps, terrible at ski, and never refused a carrot cake in his life.

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    It was a pleasure! Happy to connect at @yanayz or https://www.linkedin.com/in/yanayzohar/

    Yanay Zohar • July 26, 2019