Where Are You From? Genealogy 101

About this FieldTrip

Stories forge the most powerful human connections, and plenty of us grow up hearing some legendary anecdote about one of our long-ago relatives. If you want to go further into the stories of your own history, this FieldTrip will help you understand the basics of genealogy – the study of family lineages. We’ll walk through the best archival sources, the pitfalls of online research, and the power of personal interviews with family members, tall-tales included.

This FieldTrip will deliver helpful guidance for anyone interested in genealogical research, though the content will be most relevant for CM members searching for clues to family who have lived in the United States.

About your Host
Dustin Renwick is a freelance journalist and triathlete whose work has appeared in places such as National Geographic, The Washington Post, and Triathlete. His book, Beyond the Gray Leaf, is the biography of a forgotten Civil War poet.