[Virtual] • DIVERGENT with Erica Lee

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part of a series on Divergent

About the speaker

Erica Lee is a nonprofit leader who reimagines administrative practice through an equity and trauma-informed lens. She has a B.A. in Piano Performance from Seattle Pacific University and a M.A. in Arts Administration from the University of Kentucky.

For the past six years, Erica has worked at the Snohomish County Music Project as a music teacher, program administrator, and marketing manager. As the Associate Director, she leads community engagement initiatives to support the mental wellness of Snohomish County, and oversees music therapy records management, volunteer coordination, and legal compliance.

She advocates for music therapy as a Board Director for the Music Therapy Association of Washington. Erica also hosts and co-produces the podcast, The Feeling is Musical, to develop a mutual understanding about music therapy and create a cooperative network that expands knowledge of the resources available to people seeking additional support.