One small step for man? Scratch that.

Speaking on the theme of ‘FREEDOM,’ Victor Saad of The Leap Year Project and Experience Institute talks on the fears and joys that came from taking a giant leap to create an experiential master’s program rooted in design, business, and social change. He shares lessons learned and mistakes made with the CreativeMornings/Chicago audience.

The Chicago chapter of CreativeMornings is organized by Kim Knoll & Kyle Eertmoed of Knoed Creative. Follow along with us at @Chicago_CM!

About the speaker

Victor Saad took a giant leap during the last leap year. In 2012, the Chicago native left a job he loved and created an experiential master’s program rooted in design, business, and social change. After interviewing several friends and family, he created a hands-on education that placed him in 12 experiences within 12 months. The impact resonated with others, too. Saad’s project begat a Leap Year community that challenged people to take bold steps; all of which culminated in a book and TEDx talk.

As an apprentice at these dozen diverse companies, he traveled the world, gaining invaluable experience in how he could positively impact people’s lives. Saad’s latest extension is Experience Institute, a new look at Higher Education that balances real-world practice and classroom theory.

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The greatest act of freedom is finding the spaces in between, the places and gaps where few others have ventured. Pay attention to what constraints trouble you, and why they do so, and leap into those spaces. Work alongside others and learn to make those blank spaces, common places. — Victor Saad

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