Veerle Helsen

February 14, 8:30am - 10:30am CET. Hosted at RAY

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Veerle Helsen is a journalist and book author.
In 2017, she took a surf sabbatical and travelled solo in a camper along the coasts of Spain and Portugal. Her book Surf & Stay tells the story of this coastal, salty-spiced adventure. When the book was published, she decided to quit her job and go surfing the world. Eight months living in a camper changed her ideas about life, work and money drastically.
She now divides her time between travelling, surfing and freelance work. She writes as a journalist for Belgian media Knack Weekend and Sabato, and international publications like The Guardian or Het Financiële Dagblad.

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How a surf sabbatical changed my life

Surf, write, travel, wander. How to work less, press the pause button and invest in yourself.
Take a walk on the wet side.

Veerle Helsen at CreativeMornings/Ghent