Paula Cordeiro aka Urbanista- Lost

November 22, 8:30am - 10:00am WET. Hosted at Beta-i

part of a series on Lost

About the speaker

With a strong background in Radio and digital media, Paula Cordeiro has worked in the national and international broadcasting industry, also the music scene, helping radio broadcasters and music companies redefining their digital strategies. But she has also been acting as a faculty lecturer, again, on Radio and digital media, spreading the love of radio among numerous students. Being a fitness enthusiast and a healthy lifestyle advocate, she decided to follow her passion and became a full time yoga practitioner with a 360° approach to life, aiming to help others finding inner peace and balance in a healthy mind and body. She created urbanista, a podcast and a blog about self love and a life away from the urban chaos. She is now writing for different media outlets and producing podcasts for online radio and brands. She is happy

“urbanista, what I’ve learned in 4 years of blogging and podcasting, how that made me feel lost and how to blame it on social media.

In this talk I will approach the reasons that made me come back to blogging and how it all started with a podcast. Truthfully, urbanista was never a blog. Urbanista was a podcast that people misunderstood by a blog and that’s where it all started. My first blog was created in 2005 - yes, I’m old - and 10 years after I decided to go back to blogging and created a podcast. Confused? Join me for this incredible talk about setting goals to your blog or podcast, deadly truths about social media, specially instagram, how to use it as a rebranding & self development tool, how to create a powerful networking, monetize it and how to avoid getting immersed in social media as a full time job. Yes, along the way I got lost and that’s why I’m here to share it with you, so that it won’t happen to you too.”

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November’s Theme is Lost.

“Being lost is the collaboration between possibility and uncertainty.”