Troy Hitch describes the difference between egotism vs. egoism, and how to use the understanding to find the good in the work we do.

“Who do I think I am? I’ve think I’ve said. I’m Troy Hitch.” Troy follows his personal story from his early days as a theatre student at NKU to his current role as the Chief Innovation Officer at Barefoot Proximity. He understands that personalities drive our industry and that we rely on our egos to do the work that we do. Egotism and egoism are explained: the perils of the former and the benefits of the latter. The ultimate goal is explained: the ‘ego epiphany’ “when I’m happier about others’ success than my own.”

About the speaker

Speculatist, author, keynote speaker, award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur and Chief Innovation Officer of Barefoot Proximity Troy Hitch explores the trends, business innovations and technological breakthroughs that are defining the next evolution of humankind.

At Barefoot Proximity/BBDO Troy leads innovation across the people, the process and the product. He also serves as a founding member of the Proximity Worldwide Creative Council. He’s the creator of the breakthrough transmedia hit You Suck At Photoshop which has generated over 100 million video views, was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 TV Episodes of 2008 and is the basis for Troy’s distributed storytelling methodology. Troy is a passionate advocate for the innovation of storytelling in digital media and he has been a featured speaker at many industry conferences including Macworld, The New York Television Festival and ROFLcon. His work has been recognized by The Washington Post, The LA Times, Advertising Age, Wired and NPR.

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