Tour & Talk with THE THING Quarterly

January 29, 8:30am - 9:30am PST. Hosted at THE THING Quarterly

part of a series on Language

About this FieldTrip

THE THING began in 2007 as an experimental publication by visual artists Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan. It was an effort to open up a new, affordable access point to experiencing art. Not thinking the project would last more than a year, Jonn and Will made all of the objects by hand. Now, THE THING is a collaboration between the small team assembled in our office, the many contributors we invite to take part, and a range of designers, makers, and manufacturers.

Visit the headquarters of THE THING to examine some of the objects they’ve made with artists such as Miranda July, John Baldessari, and Dave Eggers, and learn about their unique blending of concept, form, and function.

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