Tom Short | Doing Justice Where it Matters Most

August 9, 9:00am - 10:00am MDT. Hosted at CSpace

part of a series on Justice

About the speaker

Over the course of 25 years, Tom has used his passion for entrepreneurship and marketing to launch numerous, highly successful companies. At each organization Tom has built, employee experience has been the cornerstone to fostering engaged teams. His expertise and learnings resulted in the development of Kudos® as a solution and system to promote and enhance corporate culture, motivate individuals and create great employee experiences.

Tom leads business development, marketing, and customer engagement at Kudos® and is active in both speaking engagements and thought leadership activities within the HR industry. He is passionate about the role recognition plays in creating a great employee experience and is dedicated to educating the world about what genuine recognition can do for people everywhere.

Additional details

Doors open at 8:30 - We are located on the 4th floor west end of the building.

In this talk, Tom will address how we can all do justice to the things that matter most to us and why so many people often fall short. Justice is about doing the right thing, not always the easy thing, which is not always easy. Justice is about going the extra mile in whatever you pursue. Justice is about leaving it all out on the field. Justice is about being fair and honest in a world that is not often fair or honest. So how can you do justice to your life? I don’t really know but I am willing to share a few of my life lessons as a serial entrepreneur, coach, husband, father, and friend. I hope I can do justice to this talk. :)