Todd Umhoefer

February 23, 8:30am - 10:00am CST. Hosted at Charles Allis Art Museum

part of a series on Curiosity

About the speaker

Milwaukee-native Todd Umhoefer is a multi-media artist and songwriter. As a self-taught musician, he began playing guitar and drums in 1994 with various punk bands, and began his solo songwriting project under the name Old Earth in 2008. He has since written and released 9+ hours of music over the course of 8 albums (including two vinyl pressings), 7 EPs, and 12 improvisational mixtapes to acclaim in AV Club, NME, SF Deli, Milwaukee Magazine, and Shepard Express.

His work is both self-published through his Arrow Girl imprint and published in the UK via Mini50 Records with tours throughout the US alongside a 2013 Scotland tour. That same year Todd was nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry and collaborated on the centerpiece live score for the 2013 Milwaukee Film Festival. He has since written and performed two solo feature-length film scores.

Todd holds a BFA in Integrated Studio Arts with a Minor in Writing from MIAD. He is currently working on a book synthesizing Classical western logic with eastern philosophical symbology and mindfulness; the book will likely be his thesis as he completes his Master of Education.

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