Thomas Vovemod

November 11, 8:00am - 9:00am CET. Hosted at Drudenfuss

part of a series on Fantasy

About the speaker

Thomas ‘VovemoD’ is a professional Habit Breaker & Adventurer. Through keynote speaks, workshops and both adventurous & everyday experiments he encourage leaders and employees to challenge their working habits. That is why both his company name AND middle name is the Danish word for courage. Both his commercial and philanthropic (GIVISME) activities have epicenter in ‘The Habit Breaker palace’ – a worn out car rental building, he has rebuilt as ‘a scientists home from the industrial revolution in the 1890s’. That includes the only Narnia closet in danish business life AND a thinking hall turned upside down.

On this Creative Morning, with the topic being ‘FANTASY’, Thomas will introduce how you can become even more motivated and effective – and attract great customers – by adding a fantasy layer to daily habits and routines

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