The Studio Fludd Revolution

Hosted at Frog Milan

part of a series on Revolution

Studio Fludd is Matteo Baratto, Caterina Gabelli and Sara Maragotto, a multidisciplinary collective, born in Venice in 2008. The studio mixes the fields of graphic design, illustration, product design, decoration, concept-development, visual identities and events for both personal and commissioned works. / @studiofludd / fb: StudioFludd

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Everything evolves or nothing really changes? Studio Fludd’s design method combines old iconography, visual analogies and conceptual chain reactions. They believe that the alchemic attitude that brings distant disciplines together, connects the opposites and aims to a global transformation can lead us through the complexity of the present times.

Sara Maragotto and Matteo Baratto will talk about their latest projects, where looking back is a way to rethink the design process and imagine new visions for the future.