The RFP Process for Independent Creatives

February 1, 8:00am - 9:30am CST. Hosted at Red Velvet Events

About this FieldTrip

Are you an independent creative, side-hustler, or solopreneur? Grab a coffee and join us for an interactive FieldTrip on how to slay your first, (or 5th, or 100th) RFP (Request for Proposal) as a growing entrepreneur.

Cindy Lo, event strategist and owner of Red Velvet Events, will help break down what can be a daunting and scary thing - submitting your first formal RFP. Using an event as an example, and drawing from RVE’s framework, Cindy will illustrate some techniques to help your formal RFP process.

This FieldTrip is perfect for designers, photographers, marketers, filmmakers, and fill-in-the-blank - anyone wanting to jumpstart 2019 with a better idea of how to respond to an RFP request and win more creative business.

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