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Simon and Jenna Hipgrave established The Hungry Workshop to deliver this passion for storytelling through design, process, craft and collaboration. They’re hands on with many aspects of each project, often quite literally rolling up their sleeves and getting elbow deep in creating a perfect execution.

They bring their experience together as The Hungry Workshop, exploring their craft through identity, packaging, stationery, web and letterpress print projects. They also spend time collaborating on studio projects, developing products and curating exhibitions as well as exhibiting their own experimental letterpress printmaking work throughout Australia.

“We are a studio that believes in the narrative that drives us all. We hold in equal regard the process, craftsmanship and origin of every aspect of every project.”

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Time is a valuable commodity these days. We have all this fantastic technology that makes our lives so much easier, allows us to do things more efficiently and quickly, but it doesn't really give us any more time. We just spend more time doing more things. — The Hungry Workshop

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