Kate, Elliott and Grant Alexander, a family of creative entrepreneurs, take a look back at how their family has informed and shaped their journey through life.

Each of us is born into this world with existing personal characteristics. We are born into a family whose status and culture are set. Over time we are nurtured. Eventually we fly the nest, plant our own seeds and the cycle continues. How does “who our ancestors were” play into who we, our children and future generations become ?

Who better to delve into the subject of Heritage than a family of creative entrepreneurs - Elliot, Kate and Grant Alexander.

Elliot, Kate and Grant will take us into their personal worlds, examining how ‘Heritage’ has influenced their past and may influence their future.

About the speaker

Elliot (Son & Brother) started the hugely popular art print store, endemicworld Grant (Dad) runs Studio Alexander an awarded brand strategy and design studio. Kate (Daughter & Sister) is forging a name for her interior styling company, Places & Graces, after a successful career in graphic design.

Sue (Mum & Wife) works part-time in two of the businesses, and Toby (Brother & Son) chips in from afar.

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