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Terence Lester is a community activist, minister, speaker, author, and founder of Love Beyond Walls. He is a believer that everyone deserves equity, love, and a chance to change their life.

Terence travels domestically and internationally speaking about issues relating to social justice, poverty, homelessness, faith, and culture.

His awareness campaigns on behalf of the poor have been featured on USA Today, NBC, AJC, CBS, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Upworthy, and have been viewed by over 10 million people globally.

His greatest passion involves educating the general public about pressing issues that plague the lives of those who are vulnerable & voiceless, and using the educational piece to mobilize an army of people to love and serve those who are unseen. Terence holds four degrees and has written several books.

He is happily married to his friend, Cecilia, and together they have two wonderful children, Zion Joy and Terence II.

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Many of us believe that we have the right to give people dignity—that's a lie. The only thing that we could do with people is affirm the dignity that is inherit already on the inside of them. — Terence Lester

For the very first time, I heard that I could be a leader and it was from somebody who was also broken, looked down upon, and marginalized. I learned something; I had to do something. — Terence Lester

There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you only do it when it's convenient. But when you're committed to something, you'll do it because it's necessary. It's a vital aspect to your life. — Terence Lester

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