Finding what really matters before it’s our time to leave this earth.

Endings are not always easy. Or even easy to talk about. But in her candid and emotional talk, T opens up about the endings—and beginnings—that have shaped her path as a creative human and entrepreneur and changed her thinking on what really matters before the end.⁣ ⁣ You’ll be buoyed by her spirit, inspired to try new things and emboldened to let go of others.⁣⁣

About the speaker

With a drive for creative businesses and a passion for giving back through her work, T. Ngu is the owner of the jewelry line Upper Metal Class and the founder of Project Object, a retail shop that supports artists and designers works who are women, LGBTQ and POC. T. believes in using her creative skills to benefit organizations/non-profits and the community through fun interactive collaborations and events.

For more than six years, T. has also donated her time as a hospice volunteer, where she’s found herself looking beyond everyday routines, worries, priorities and goals and a little deeper into the bigger picture.

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