Compassion has the power to transform.

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Stuart Getty is a genderqueer writer and filmmaker currently working at Sockeye as a Sr. Content Creator & Digital Strategist. In their free time, they explain the genderneutral pronoun of the singular they to all curious (and polite) and run The Getty Brothers, a side hustle biz of writing and film, currently pretty niched in the “short documentary style queer and trans stories that need to be told” vibe. But truly looking for more narrative and comedic directorial opportunities. Apply within. * Born in Kentucky with a start in advertising in Austin, Texas as a copywriter for The Butler Bros a decade ago, Stuart does know how to two-step. Then four years in the Bay area at DraftFCB, EVB and freelancing created a nice portfolio of campiagns big and small, but Stuart spent two months in New Zealand (working sorta) and came back craving eye contact and real life human connection. Stuart came to Portland to garden, learn more mindfulness, get to know their nephews and sister better, and create film and writing that is intimate and authentic, following the belief that all great stories come from feeling all the feelings you possibly can and being free. Let’s all get free. And look each other in the eyes again.

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