Steve Tansley gives some great tips on how to be brave, take risks, and how to connect with your inner gut and start your own brave project.

About the speaker

What business does Stephen Tansley have talking at a Creative Mornings PHX? None! Which makes him perfect for the next topic on Bravery.

Stephen is passionate about everything that deals with great design and illustration. He’s not at peace unless he’s learning something new or creating something good. Stephen’s most recent role was as the Creative Director for the Rhino Agency. His creative projects continue at home as BluePencil Unlimited and now in his new role as Sr. Interactive Art Director for The Lavidge Company. Design & illustration, webcomics, branding & display programs, children’s books, environmental design and craft beer are to just name a few of the things he’s always working on in the background.

As the owner of a 1957 Type 1 Beetle he restored, he participates in the hobby and craft of the Vintage Car world. He will share why Bravery plays a huge part in the world of vintage auto restoration and kustom culture. Many vehicles will be on display and everyone is welcome to mingle with the autos to see why Bravery is at the core of this near lost art.

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"No way" - we hear those words a lot. It goes from words of disbelief all the way to words of astonishment. So what we need to do is take those words from "no way" (disbelief) to "no way! that is awesome!" (astonishment). — Steve Tansley

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