Give yourself permission to do something that can go horribly wrong today. Just kidding but that’s a good thing to give yourself permission to do.

Wonder is usually framed in a way that is childish and it becomes minimized as far as how vital it is. Humans need to have a space of wonder because the unknown is so terrifying. When we sit down and make something we’re in this new territory of wonder. I think one of the most valuable parts of creating is sitting down with the deeply scary feeling of the blackness of it. You can have an experience in that place where you can reflect and learn about yourself as a person. That’s where wonder comes in because all of those horrifying-scary-monsters-under-your-bed-feelings that pop up… they’re just thoughts. They can be rooted in really rough experiences, but they are just thoughts. Become curious about your thoughts when you’re in that space. It is like building a little bridge into an opportunity to meet yourself. When I would write music, something would open and I get these glimpses into myself. And after doing that enough times in a row I realize that it’s like leaving me these little breadcrumbs to myself. The more that I leaned into that as a practice the more it opened up and the more that I could create.

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Please join us in welcoming Stephanie Mabey, a local singer/songwriter known for dreamy melodies and razor-sharp lyrics, in describing how WONDER helps her tap into her creative self. With imaginative indie pop crafted with sideshow melodies and lyrics that resonate, she has had songs featured on HBO, MTV and by Blizzard Entertainment. Her songs have organically reached millions of views and streams, but she gets the most excited when she sees new creators reimagining the songs in their own DIY projects. Stephanie’s mission in making music is to help others remember the ideas that lights their hearts up because she knows that taking chances on those ideas helps us create ourselves.

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