St+Art Mumbai

November 22, 9:30am - 11:30am IST. Hosted at St Jude Bakery

part of a series on Chance

About the speaker

Anpu is a painter. Having graduated from Baroda and London, she had her first solo show in New York in the summer of 2008 following which she moved to Bremen, Germany. There she shared a studio with 15 artists, some of whom were actively writing on the streets. This was her first encounter with serious street painters, and during her 2 years stay in Bremen, she organized her own exhibition at a night club and started doodling on the streets, her style being mainly stencils. In 2011 she moved to Delhi and has been making her signature cat stencils since. She painted her first massive wall at the extension Khirkee project in Delhi and has been actively painting murals around India since participating at St+art Delhi 2014.

Daan Botlek is a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based street artist and illustrator known for his minimalist characters and their etherial grasp on the tangible world. In places as distant as Leipzig, Germany and Bangkok, Thailand, Botlek has been inserting his often stark white characters into old building facades, giving their locations a surreal new ambiance as the characters bizarrely interact with the space. His figures, which clearly pay tribute to those of the late Keith Haring, are both ghostly white, and ghostly in their otherworldly interaction with the surrounding space. He is being invited in many important projects and galleries all over the world as recently in Moscow for the Street Art Biennial and in Paris for Le Mur project.

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St+Art Mumbai is an urban art festival that will bring together some of the best Indian and International street artists for a month of murals, installations, performances, workshops, walks and talks on the streets. The festival aims to promote street art and graffiti on Indian landscapes, as well as provide a colloborative platform for artists from all over the world.