What must die in you, so that you may live?

Death is a vital part of life. In fact, death makes room for life. Sohail takes us through a journey of an important kind of death we must all embrace - conceptual death. From our childhood into our adulthood, we have experiences which plant in us beliefs of what is possible and not possible. Some of these are useful, but many inhibit the scope and potential of our lives. He explores the concepts of race and belonging, work and worthiness, and identity and freedom. A talk of the series of conceptual deaths that have the power to free us to be who we want to be, to live how we want to live, to love how we want to love - ultimately, to play the game of life on our own terms. He asks the question: “What must die in you, so that you may live?”

Dancer: Amanda Copple

About the speaker

Sohail Coelho is a Reiki master, coach and teacher of life expansion. He is the Director of Human Development at Instrument, a digital brand and product innovation company where he is pioneering a new form of employee development that looks at expansion of the whole human - at work and in life. He combines 15+ years of strategic business thinking, from working at companies like American Express in New York City with a lifetime of self-study and esoteric philosophies in the creation of new models of conscious living and working.

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