Sinéad Burke (Minnie Mélange) - HIDDEN

March 28, 8:30am - 10:00am GMT. Hosted at Medley by Andrew Rudd

part of a series on Hidden

About the speaker

At age 23, Sinéad Burke can be described as a teacher, a broadcaster, an actress, a fashion blogger, the Alternative Miss Ireland emeritus and a bit of a messer. Standing at 3’ 5" tall, or 105.5 cm (the half is very important), Sinéad’s insight into life is slightly different than the average person’s. Being a little person brings an array of both challenges and wonderful opportunities but Sinéad’s greatest difficulty is that she lives in a world that was not built for her but for you. If you had to live in a world constructed for Sinéad, how would you manage?

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Sinéad will expose what it was like for her, growing up, a little bit ‘different’. Particularly because her ‘difference’ was never hidden, it was the first thing people saw when they met her. Often they made assumptions because of it but growing up with a hugely supportive family and a father who was also a little person encouraged and inspired her to not hide from both the world and being different but to embrace it. From qualifying at the top of her class as a primary school teacher, to winning the final Alternative Miss Ireland, being different and being unable to hide from her uniqueness that moulded her into the person that she is today - “someone I’m pretty pleased with and proud of.”