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While the world loves a poster-boy hero, it needs more than that; sometimes the unsung heroes, the supporters, the doers, are the ones most deserving of our attention. Which brings us to this month’s CreativeMornings Global Theme of Humility.

Our April speaker is Simon Pound. Simon is a writer, company director and producer across fashion, retail, media and advertising. While his passions might seem disparate, he sees a through-line that binds them together – the things he learns.

Simon thinks that humility comes from knowing what he doesn’t know, and that failure is sometimes the best teacher. Though he hopes the teaching gets faster, as he has a few failures to hand, and still a lot to learn.

Come along to GridAKL to hear him share his experiences from his work as partner in fashion label Ingrid Starnes - where life has a lot more to do with women’s clothing than he’d imagined it would, from making a lot of television very few people watched, and adventures in advertising ending up as head of Brand and Communications for Vend, a global tech company that suits him down to the ground as it celebrates failures so long as they lead to successes.

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