Screen Printing Totes Adobe with Creative Resident Becky Simpson

Hosted at Adobe San Francisco

part of a series on Work

About this FieldTrip

Screen print a canvas tote bag with Adobe Creative Resident, Becky Simpson. The Lords of Print screen printing team will be onsite at Adobe’s office with Becky Simpson to help you make a screen printed tote. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of Becky’s illustrations to customize your design. You will also get to learn more about Becky’s work as a Creative Resident, author, illustrator and designer.

Becky is an illustrator, author and graphic designer who’s based out of Austin, Texas. She’s both author and illustrator of the book I’d Rather Be Short and she’s currently finishing up her second book, The Roommate Book. Her work reflects her passions for connection, process and play. During her residency, she’s focused on the creative process of designing a sustainable illustration business, and she’s excited to experience mentorship and growth as an artist by exploring new methods and mediums.

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