Saima Salahuddin

Hosted at The Great Red Spot

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About the speaker

Saima Salahuddin, popularly known as Aimon, has graduated from NCA in Architecture as a gold medalist and started teaching Architecture in NCA Pindi, in 2009. She also practices as an Architect with SOL, having designed some co-working spaces and houses in Islamabad.

Apart from architecture, she has delved into many other creative and art forms like TV, theater, music, and graphic design.

However, besides all this, her true passion lies in “Photography” which began when she was presented by a camera many years ago, and since then she has never left her home without it. Her favorite genre is PORTRAITURE. Further in which she loves conceptual and fashion photography.

Saima has participated in many exhibitions nationally, as the combination with fine arts, gives her the freedom to experiment and focus more on the storytelling side of things.

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