Rudo Nyangulu

August 25, 8:30am - 10:00am CAT. Hosted at Moto Republik

part of a series on Genius

About the speaker

Rudo Nyangulu is a creative at heart with photography being her creative outlet. She is a Zimbabwean lawyer and enterprise development specialist and is passionate about mentoring young people, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment of women and young people in Africa. She founded and currently runs Zimbabwe’s the first mixed-sector innovation hub called Stimulus Africa and is a trainer and mentor in its incubation programme. She is also the founder of an initiative called Choose Women: Buy Local that creates market linkages for women-owned enterprises. Rudo is a Mandela Washington Fellow, a founding member of the Innovators Forum Zimbabwe and she participates in policy advocacy for private sector development.

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Additional details

On this day we talk about “Developing a Creative Economy” in Zimbabwe: Opportunities for Creatives!