Revolution Bildung

Hosted at Mikser House

part of a series on Revolution

About the speaker

Lazar Bodroza was born on Transfiguration in 1983. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Co-founder of the Metaklinika studio, Turbotomorrow artists collective, member of the group Kosmoplovci, author of the books “Zakon” and “Nation”(in progress) and director of the films The Mountain Wreath, Über Life and Ederlezi Rising (in progress). In 2011 Lazar Bodroža won the award “TOP 20 under 30” given by PRINT magazine, when he was selected as one of the world’s top 20 visual artists under the age of 30. Due to dispersion of interests, he often has problems with the lack of free time.

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Additional details

The revolution won’t be led by red flags and the sound of “Bella Ciao”. We asked Lazar to tell us how would the Revolution look like. To answer this we need to look closer to the history of the major and/or problematic political moves – seen trough the graphic design, from the Romanian Fascists, revolutionary aesthetic of socialist Yugoslavia, Laibach, Gazimestan meeting and Otpor. Troughs the intriguing show case of the most controversial examples of the 20th century politic design, Lazar comes to the contemporary political practices and its visual identity… and to the forecast of the Revolution, that is about to be built, and to be designed.