Reema AlShammasi

Hosted at TheSaudiArtCouncil

part of a series on Courage

About the speaker

Our speaker on courage this month is Reema Al Shammasi, who lived between the east and west from Saudi to Newzeland. Over the past 7 years, she has been working as a marketer. Now, marketing is a part of her. Along with her marketing business,  Al Shammasi embarks on new adventures by traveling the world and exploring its wonders. In her travels, she embraces herself into the cultures of each country she visits with her favorite being India! Not only that but she also focuses on charity work and helping others in unique ways; for example, she supports and helps Saudi women find jobs. 

Al Shammasi is an independent woman who believes in all women and that through our strength we can change the whole world. You will get to know Al Shammasi more once you talk to her, taste her food, and see her paintings

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