Discussion on death of work as we used to know it

Rasa, Giedrė and Stefanija talking about the future of work and perks of being a freelancer.

About the speaker

This time we will speak about “death” of the work as we used to understand it. We have more freelancing people than ever. Our work culture is changing.

We think the best way to present it is to have a discussion. So we invited 3 awesome ladies to tell their thoughts about it. Having experience as freelancers, creators and working in different agencies - this threesome is a must listen on Friday morning.

P.S.: In November we, CreativeMornings Vilnius, are celebrating our 2nd birthday already. We would love to see you in our birthday party!

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Hi, is there a way to see subtitles in english?

Fabia Moura • October 17, 2018

Thanks, it was fun to listen, but on the whole the main idea maybe is "remote working - new generation of freelancers" :)

Tomas Kirsa • December 7, 2017