Rara Sekar

December 22, 9:00am - 11:00am WIB. Hosted at Conclave Arteri

part of a series on Tradition

About the speaker

Rara Sekar is a full-time researcher, part-time musician and an avid urban gardener. She recently finished her masters degree in Cultural Anthropology from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand with a thesis focusing on how young people from a desa adat understand success.

When she is not doing research, she travels on weekends teaching critical pedagogy and photography at @arkademyproject with her photographer friends. She is passionate about critical pedagogy and emancipatory education, in which she believes that art (such as music and photography) can be an effective and transformative medium for social change. She is currently busy starting up her home garden in the outskirts of Bogor with her lovely husband Ben and emoji dog, Fuko.

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Rara Sekar will reflect on traditions and countertraditions in Indonesia today and the possibility of redefining traditions in order to construct meaning in a time of fluid identities in an ever-evolving world.