Users are the ones in control of the experience of the internet! And that’s how it should be.

The latest estimate for the amount of people who block internet ads in some fashion is over 600 million. This number has grown significantly over recent years and has the potential to grow further. Unfortunately, almost all creativity on the web is funded by ads, and this is no longer sustainable. This scenario leaves us with the question of how we can commit to a sustainable web beyond ad revenue. To find an answer we explore how and why online ads got so annoying, why it has transformed into a boom rather than a bogeyman and how together we can commit to reverting ad dependency and work towards a healthier web while keeping users in control of their experience.

About the speaker

Before beginning her career at the German-based startup eyeo in 2015, Rachel finished her Masters in Sustainability Science and Policy in Maastricht, Netherlands. eyeo is the company behind the world’s most popular browser extension - Adblock Plus. The company develops products to ensure the privacy and protection of internet users while keeping the web free and sustainable. Rachel focuses on engaging with the community and building awareness online and offline. Her main goal is to connect people and technology, otherwise, she is very interested in biking, live music and is getting better at computer programming.

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