Trivet Sembel of Proud Project

Hosted at Common Grounds Neo SOHO

part of a series on Beyond

About the speaker

Trivet Sembel is the Executive Director & VIBEZ Manager of Proud Project, a movement of young millennials who aim to go BEYOND, challenge perspective and break walls together.

“I was at a parking lot in Seattle with my fellow Indonesian friend. Then a huge Caucasian male came up to us asking for a cigarette. I told him that I don’t smoke. Then he asked again, ‘Can I bump a cigarette?’ I was confused at I told him that I don’t smoke. He told me that he’s seen a lot of Indonesian people who smoked and assumed that I was lying. I told him that I really for reals don’t smoke. Then, he told me, ‘F*ck Indonesian people like you, go back to your country and go bomb some other place.’ My friends and I quickly bounced off.

“That night I saw a problem: Indonesians are considered as second-class citizens. Thus, I’m here to create a movement. A movement to inspire millennials to break their boundaries. A movement to challenge perspectives. A movement to encourage millennials to do things differently. A movement called PROUD.”

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