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Petra Benach is a self-taught artist and arts consultant in Amsterdam. Originally from California, Petra moved to the Netherlands in the summer of 2011 - it was the coldest summer in Amsterdam since 1987. After recovering from the climate/culture shock, Petra established exposingARTS, a consulting business that helps artists and galleries develop and communicate about art. Petra’s consulting has brought her behind the scenes of the art industry throughout the EU and, after careful consideration, she launched her own art business in 2015​. Since her launch, Petra has sold her work mainly through social media and has participated in art events at Galeria Contrast in Barcelona, TedX Delft, Scope Basel and will be doing live art this year at​ The Affordable Art Fair. She continues ​her ​consulting work and is committed to developing her own art as well as helping others embrace theirs.”

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So, wonder if this open state of mind that is best served by having a sense of curiosity rather than resistance to the unknown. When we embrace wonder we are willing to discover. Now being willing to wonder and ask questions... that's a big challenge. — Petra Benach

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