Peter Jacobson, cofounder of Heartwork HQ leads a special interactive talk that gets people connecting through chaos

About the speaker

We live in a world of chaos.

Whether it’s global warming, fake news, or growing economic inequality, the everyday challenges that many of us are met with in our daily lives are more complex than they’ve ever been before.

The big chaotic challenges of our time are calling for your creativity - that strangely shaped thing that only you can contribute.

Challenge yourself by diving into delightful creative chaos with Peter Jacobsen, Experience Artist and Co-Founder of Heartwork, coaching people and organisations into deeper flourishing and connection through playfulness, vulnerability and challenge.

During the interactive session, Peter will host some delightful games to play with chaos and tease you out. You’ll be drawing on your early morning courage and inspiration. You’ll come away with games to share and three important elements for working with chaos. One: a bounce in your step. Two: a playful mind, and Three: a humorous connection with the CreativeMornings community.

Through nourishing our connections, we’re capable of creating solutions together beyond our imaginations.

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