If the city is a story, who is telling that story?

“Savamala is a place you pass through…” During the last few years, the massive urban and cultural transformations of Belgrade have passed through Savamala, and so we have started our story here. The first lecture at CreativeMornings in Belgrade is inspired by the text “Four Species of Ghosts” by Paul Currion, a writer who has lived in Belgrade for three years. Paul told us a story about Savamala, through fresh eyes combining a walk through the complex and tangled fields of the past, present and future with the map glitches and William Burroughs notes on city. Using the psychogeography of “Four Species of Ghosts” as a starting point, Paul talked about Belgrade as a remix – the ultimate Cut and Paste City. Savamala and its ruin porn are the centre of this story, where the Ugly and the Beautiful co-exist, and it’s here that the future of Belgrade will be decided. If the city is a story, who is telling that story?

About the speaker

Paul Currion works as a consultant for humanitarian organisations, and has worked in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Liberia. As a writer, he has published fiction and non-fiction in Granta, The White Review, Aeon, Nature, and others. As a Belgradian, he participates in the Ko Gradi Grad, Belgrade Soundmap, Kriticna Masa and other initiatives in Belgrade.

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