Nils Petersen

March 21, 8:30am - 10:00am MDT. Hosted at Startup Edmonton

part of a series on Hidden

About the speaker

Dr. Petersen graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from University of Western Ontario and a PhD in Chemistry and Biology from the California Institute of Technology. After 24 years as a Professor and Administrator at The University of Western Ontario, Dr. Petersen moved to Edmonton in 2004 as the Director General of the National Institute for Nanotechnology – a collaborative venture between the National Research Council and the University of Alberta. In 2011, he return to the life of a Professor, where he continues his research into the interactions of nanoparticles with biological cells in culture.

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About the talk:

The Black Box - you need to think small

The black box is a useful representation of something we don’t understand. Within any black box there is invariably another black box, which in turn hides another and irrespective of our level of understanding of any given topic, we will eventually face a black box that we cannot open.