Nikoline Nybo

April 27, 8:00am - 9:00am CEST. Hosted at Drudenfuss

part of a series on Courage

About the speaker

“A gendered perspective on the storytelling about bravery”

Nikoline talks from her own perspective about the notion of bravery and how this relates to gender and leadership.

About the speaker: Nikoline is an anthropologist and current KaosPilot student living in Aarhus. Storytelling and discourse analysis in relation to notions of gender is at the core of both her academic and everyday focus. For the last two months, she’s been creating a podcast series around the notion of ‘Bravery’ exploring the stories that has helped shape our understanding of the term and how we might re-author some of these to create a more inclusive term. Amongst other asking the questions: What do we talk about, when talking about bravery? Who has had the power to define the term? Why are we talking so much about bravery today? And, is there a need to create a broader understanding of bravery?