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Jörg has been an exhibiting artist since 1987. He founded the heliumcowboy gallery in 2002 as a unique place to show and experience art. Today he spends most of his time creating his complex woodwork in one of his studios - one he built from vintage wood inside the exhibition space, another one that lies in the remote countryside. He also runs the podcast „heliumTALK“. 

‘heliumTALK - Das Kunstgespräch’ started as a live talk show in 2016, hosted by Jörg Heikhaus and Jannes Vahl and broadcasted by TIDE TV on television and online. In 2018 Jörg went solo with this format and tool it into the world of audio podcasts that he records regularly in his studio.

Alex Diamond‘ was initiated as a stand-alone art project by Jörg Heikhaus in 2004. Although it outlived its original intent around 2009/10, it has become Jörg‘s stage name as an artist since. 

Essentially being a determined and straightforward storyteller, most of his artwork can be seen as an exploration of contemporary culture and its recurring social recognition patterns, with strong references to popular content and aesthetics. 

Known for skillfully employing a vast variety of different techniques and crafts over the years, the majority of his oeuvre today consists of his distinctive trademark woodwork: multi-layered, meticulously and highly detailed sculptural woodcuts, blended with diverse painting and pigmenting styles.

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