Mike Smith

September 16, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Center / Architecture + Design

part of a series on Magic

About the speaker

Mike Smith is the Smith half of Smith & Diction, a copy driven design studio in Philadelphia. Mike is known for his branding work with HipCityVeg, Charlie was a sinner., and more recently The Rail Park. He spends most of his time chasing waterfalls completely ignoring TLC’s advice.

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Sometimes doing something uncomfortable can lead to something truly magical. Being a creative person is unlike any other profession because you get to create things that never existed. You get to visually define ideas – ideas that might suck but at the same time could totally change your life.

This is a story about how making inspirational posters to get over a break-up led to the foundation of Mike Smith’s entire career. There was no intention to get noticed or start a revolution; he just wanted to make someone else’s day suck a little less than his. And in the process, he made a bunch of new friends, tricked people into believing he was talented, and got to work on some truly inspiring projects.